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Commodity Futures CFD Trading

Commodity Futures CFD Instruments allow investing in price dynamics of commodities through liquid futures.

A few CFDs on the nearest futures are being provided on each commodity.The date of the beginning of trading, end of trading and the current status are additionally mentioned per each CFD. Three status values are available:

  • Trading - an opportunity to make deals and set orders without any limitations (during the trading sessions).
  • Only closure – Only closure of earlier opened positions (generally is set two trading days before the end of trading).
  • Closed - trading has not opened yet or it is already the end of trading. The Future CFD is removed from the list of instruments 42 days after the date of end of trading.

Trading such a CFD is performed during the trading sessions of the futures. The date of end of trading of each CFD is set on the basis of the liquidity of the future and the beginning of delivery period before the expiration of the future. The tickers of the Commodity Futures CFDs begin with “#F-“.

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* For # F-BRN ... and # F-CL ... instruments with a total volume of open positions of 10 lots or more, the maximum account leverage may be reduced to 1:4; the maximum allowable volume of open positions is 75 lots.

You can calculate the result of trading and the margin using the Profit/Loss Calculator and the Margin Calculator. You may see the dates of regular corporate earnings release in Corporate earnings calendar.
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