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The instruments of this group allow to trade indices of leading stock exchanges. The price of instruments is expressed in local currency of each particular index.

What are World Indices CFDs?

First things first, let's understand what world indices CFDs are. CFD stands for Contract for Difference, which is a popular derivative product that allows traders to speculate on the price movements of various financial markets without actually owning the underlying asset.

World indices CFDs are CFDs that are based on the performance of major stock market indices around the world. These indices represent the overall performance of a specific stock market or a group of stocks within that market. Some of the most popular world indices include the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, FTSE 100, and Nikkei 225.

Why Trade World Indices CFDs?

Trading world indices CFDs offers a myriad of benefits for traders, including:

  • Diversification: By trading world indices CFDs, you can gain exposure to a wide range of global markets without having to invest in individual stocks or assets.
  • Leverage: CFDs allow you to trade on margin, which means you can control a larger position with a smaller amount of capital. This can amplify your potential profits, but it's important to remember that it also increases your risk.
  • Liquidity: World indices CFDs are highly liquid instruments, which means you can enter and exit trades easily without worrying about finding a buyer or seller.
  • 12 Indices to trade: Trading across 12 different indices provides a broad exposure to various sectors and regions. This diversification can help spread risk and potentially increase profit opportunities.

Stock indices such as DJI, SP500, Nd100, DE 30, FR 40, GB 100, NIKKEI, AU200, RUT2000, USVIX, JP2000 and HK50 are calculated continuously without expiration dates on the basis of the nearest futures on stock indices of the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan, Australia and China (Hong Kong) by the following formula:

«The instrument quote» = «Quote of the nearest future» - «The deviation of the future price from the index value».

Trading such CFD is conducted during the trading session of the future. Upon occurrence of the expiration date of the current future, calculative transition to the next future is carried out automatically, with absolutely no gaps or sharp price movements of our continuous CFD.

You can see the details information on the scheme оn the Calculation Scheme for Continuous CFDs on Stock Indices page.

Moreover, the index scheme for CFD on the USVIX is quite different - you can see the description of this scheme on the Calculation Scheme for continuous CFD on comodities page.

Currency CFD on US dollar index (USDIDX) is calculated by classical formula based on the currencies included in it. It is quoted in US dollars and is traded continuously during common sessions of currencies. The price of one contract is equal to the current value of the index.


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