Printing Charts and Tables

The terminal supports printing the contents of charts and several windows with table data. The option of Print and Print Preview are available for all document types.

Printing is available for the following windows:

  • "Chart"
  • "Sum open positions"
  • "Open positions"
  • "Orders"
  • "Withdrawal requests"
  • "Alerts"
  • "News"
  • "Account History Report"
  • "Orders History Report"

In context menu of each of these windows there are options:

  • "Print"
  • "Print Preview"

To set general parameters of the printing page, “Print page setup” dialog box is used which can be opened from the main menu - “File” – “Print page setup” or by the icon-button from “Print preview” window.

Print (or Print Preview) of the chart is done with the following features:

  • All chart elements are available for printing (main chart, indicators, graphical objects, open positions, orders and alerts, if they are enabled, etc.).
  • The whole data of the "Chart” window is printed with the “Print” or “Print Preview” options available at the moment.
  • Print of the entire chart is always done on one page.
  • The print scale is always chosen to include the whole chart in the workspace of one page by width and height. Moreover, the correlation between vertical and horizontal sizes of charts, set in “Chart” window, is saved.
  • The correlation between sizes of chart elements (the panel sizes of the main chart, indicators, fonts) is saved as it is in the “Chart” window.

Colors and fonts of the chart elements used are the same as in the “Chart” window.

Print (or Print Preview) of the table is done with the following features:

  • Printing is done on several pages.
  • The width of each column is chosen in a way to include the widest value in the current column (i.e. the table width of the base window is ignored).
  • The same font size that is set in the table of the base window is used for printing. Moreover, if the resulted table does not fit the width of one page, a proportional reduction of all sizes of the table is performed (the font size, the width of the columns, the height of rows) in a way so as the resulted document fits the width of one page.
  • Maximum number of full rows is located on each page.

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