Activating Your Account in NetTradeX Mobile

Now, you chose the settings for the program of the trading terminal NetTradeX.

If you have previously opened an account (a real account can be opened in the Profile) and you have the account number, login and password but have not yet linked the login to the terminal in the PDA, you call "Settings" (in the "Tools" menu) and then click on "Logins…" - the dialog with the logins linked to the terminal will open. In this dialog you press the button "Add existent" - then type a login and password, put the label "On real account" for Real account and the label "Auto save password (if you want to keep your password in the PDA) and click "OK". Then you can choose this login access to the account by pressing "Connect" from the "Tools" menu and begin trading.

The login for the Real account begins with letter “r” with the account number following. The login for a Demo account begins with the letter “d”, and then the account number.

      If you have previously linked the login to the terminal (at the PDA), you call "Connect" from the menu "Tools"  and choose the login from the list (this dialogue can also occur immediately after start terminal).

If you are disconnected, you can reconnect your access by icon "Link" the right bottom or by function «Connect» from the menu «Tools».

You can open a new account by the command "Open new account" from the menu "Tools".

As a result of receiving the access the window «Quotes» of quotations of currency pairs appears in the screen


Quotes of Currency Pair Quotations


You can check the current condition of your balance in the window «Margin», which is invoked by an adequate button from the list in the bottom of the screen.

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